Every traveler fears the fateful moment when they arrive at the airport on the last day of their holidays only to find that the flight home has been delayed (or worse: canceled). You don't want to wait until you're stuck to the gate to formulate your action plan. Know what to expect if your flight is delayed or canceled so that those passenger rights can be maximized. 

You may have already learned the hard way it never promises flight schedules. For a variety of reasons, airlines cancel flights–ranging from employee strikes to aircraft maintenance to ever-changing weather–and your passenger benefits fluctuate accordingly.

Airlines typically offer no compensation if a flight is delayed or canceled because of reasons beyond their control. Sometimes passengers cancel their tickets. In this type of situation, you need to carefully read JetBlue Cancellation Policy if you booked tickets with JetBlue airlines. This could include a major weather event or a labor dispute with an airline. However, if the delay or cancelation is caused by something the airline may find preventable, such as maintenance of equipment or insufficient staffing, you may be entitled to compensation.