If the reservation is completed online however you're unable to finish the travel and you were also unable to cancel the reservation however one can get in-tuned with the Ethiopian Airlines telephone number 24 by 7 and this may assist you cancel the reservation

Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

Refund on Ethiopian airlines cancellation Policy lets not forget refund depends on the sort of ticket you've purchased and just in case if one possesses the reservation done through the third party sort of an agent , for more information you're advised to urge in-tuned with the agent or at the closest Ethiopian office.

If one has purchased the ticket using the mastercard for the refund one are going to be required to submit the request and therefore therefore the refund will process with 7 business days and the mastercard will refund counting on their terms and conditions and if the ticket was purchased using cash, check or through other modes the airlines will issue within 10 business days.

One has to make sure that the small print as the name of the traveler, the address, the mastercard number which was used for the acquisition , ticket number, dates of travel, destination cities should all be mentioned.